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From the moment I walked in and consulted with Andrew I knew he was the right attorney for the job. I had met with other lawyers and they all seemed to side with the NYPD, or not believe my situation. 

Andrew set all the right expectations when we met. He was very passionate about my civil rights being violated. I could tell he wasn't just another attorney trying to collect a check. Several depositions, interviews, meetings, and press interviews we settled for a well deserved amount. Andrew was there every step of the way and communicated effectively. Not only did I meet my lawyer, but I met a friend. 

I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a fair and honest attorney who is passionate about Civil Justice.

Case Closed!

Andy goes beyond what a good lawyer has to do, and does what a rare, excellent lawyer does. He knows law and the legal system inside and out, which is crucial. But his genuine concern for his clients (and their families!) in their entirety as people - no judgment, yes honesty - is what sets him apart. If you're looking for a lawyer well-versed in law who is also human and relatable, Andy is the one.

Grateful for rare combination of compassion *and* expertise

My wife (a foreigner, with limited English) was wrongfully accused of shoplifting. After the criminal case was dismissed, Andrew carefully assessed her situation, and suggested several options aimed at clearing my wife’s good name. With Andrew’s help, she received the justice she deserved. My wife is happy and can enjoy shopping again. Thank you Andrew!

We are happy we have met Andrew L Hoffman!

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