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$725,000 settlement for a Bronx-based MTA worker alleging false arrest and assault by the NYPD.

$375,000 settlement for a Staten Island man alleging wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

$190,000 settlement for a Bronx family alleging wrongful police entry into their home.

$180,000 settlement for a Brooklyn couple alleging a wrongful cavity search and fabrication of evidence by State troopers.

$150,000 settlement for a Harlem man alleging he was beaten by police after taking a video of them engaging in misconduct.

$67,500 settlement for a Bronx man alleging that police lied about their justification for pulling his car over, and when he protested, utilized excessive and unnecessary force against him.

$47,500 settlement for Harlem man alleging he was falsely arrested and imprisoned based on a vague description of a black man wearing a hoodie.

$25,000 settlement for Brooklyn woman alleging she was manhandled after police broke into her home without a valid warrant.

The resolution of any legal dispute depends upon many factors, including the unique facts of a particular case.  Prior results do not guarantee identical outcomes. 

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